The Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions of the Laser European and World Championships
are amended as follows:

Notice of Race S.4 and Sailing Instruction 6.4 (T flag requirement to tow is deleted)
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1. Event Bibs
The Event bibs that have been supplied to all competitors should be worn outside personal buoyancy.
2. Media Zone
On Wednesday 4th September & Friday 6th September, there will be a mixed zone for media on the platform of the National Yacht Club. The top ten competitors from each fleet each morning, are requested to proceed to the media zone immediately on coming ashore each day.
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It is mandatory that All sailors must go through measurement/ inspection and that all equipment that you will use is inspected. At the end of it, you will sign your form by certifying that you will not change anything without the permission of the regatta measurer. To change equipment, you need to fill a form, bring the damaged equipment and obtain the written approval from the regatta measurer. Failure to do so will result in a protest being lodged that can end in a DSQ or DNE.

How the inspection works:

Measurement for those boats parked in the National Yacht Club and on the East Pier will take place in the tent on the east platform of the National YC. Measurement for those boats parked in the Royal St George YC will take place in the tent on the platform there.

The first stage is to book a time on the respective measurement booking form that will be available at the measurement tents from 0800hrs on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st.

Please join the queue with you boat at the measurement tent no sooner than 10 mins before your booked time.

  • In the Queue, don’t skip places and respect the other sailors. Misbehaviour will not be accepted. Keep in mind that all the people involved in the measurement are all volunteers and will try their best to make the championship a success and that you enjoy the event.
  • Your boat must be clean, remove all items that are not required for measurement; examples are extra mast sections and extra sails but also sail and foil bags. All these unnecessary items lead to mistakes (e.g. measured wrong sail) and cause delays. Prepare to put all equipment on the deck of your boat, this will save a lot of time.
  • All equipment will be stamped, numbered and signed. Be careful at the inspection that nothing is forgotten
  • You will be asked to fill the measurement form with your name, sex, hull and sail number.
  • You will receive a number which will be on all your equipment
  • You will pass through the inspection station.
  • You will then be asked to rig your equipment with only the lower section up with all the control lines.
  • Your form will be finally signed by the regatta measurer and you will be able to register for the regatta.

If you have any questions, the laser class measurer will be happy to answer your queries. Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand a rule.

Eileen LOO,                             Regatta Measurer      Dun Laoghaire 29th August 2013

The sailing instructions are now available for the Laser European and World Championships:
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