Amend SI 8 sub sections as follows for the Radial fleets only
8.1 amend the last line to read:
    6th September 3 races back to back (final series) followed by a prizegiving party and buffet meal
8.3 amend to read:
    The time for the first warning signal each day from 1 September to 5 September will be 1200 and first  warning signal on 6th September with be 1100 hours
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Add to SI 26.4
For a breach of this sailing instruction the Race Committee may apply a standard penalty without a
hearing. However, the Race Committee may protest a boat when they consider the standard
penalty to be inappropriate. This changes RRS 63 .1 and Appendix AS .
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Delete Sailing Instruction 20.1 and replace with:
20.1 Protests shall be in writing and delivered to the Jury Office at the Royal St George Yacht Club
within the protest time limit. Protest forms will be available at the Jury Office and the Race
. The protest time limit will be posted on the official notice board by the Jury and may
be different for each fleet.
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